The Ideal Body

We now often find ourselves trusting the fate of our bodies in the hands of someone with an "ideal" body. With today's technology and endless opportunity, anybody can become a self-taught personal trainer, a self-taught chef and a self-taught business owner. 

Instagram is filled with people who post healthy recipes, fit selfies, and life quotes (I'm guilty of all of this haha). And followers go on to trust everything they see. 

It's easy to find people who love to eat healthy and are dedicated to hitting the gym. Healthy living is the new "thing". Nowadays, it seems more convenient to turn to these people for answers than having to pay for a certified trainer or a gym membership. 

We see someone who has a "perfect" body and trust that he or she knows what is best for us. When in reality, you know better about what is best for you than anyone else ever will. 

Think about it. We all have different body types, different eating habits, and different genetics. Just because you're following the same routine as this person with this "perfect" body does not mean that you are going to get the same results. Does the person truly know how to adjust what he or she is teaching you according to what is best for your body type, your habits? Are they taking YOU into consideration?

Cooking and baking has always been a passion of mine. I started stirring things up in the kitchen the moment I picked up a spoon. Creating a healthy diet was through personal sensitivities towards many foods. I was never an athlete nor was I ever really a gym rat up until I entered college. Four years later, I have experimented with many different exercising routines and workouts. I learned a lot and I love sharing what I know with others. 

Now that I am sometimes seen as this "self taught person" on Instagram (and I wouldn't say self taught because I learned a lot from others) I always say... I can help you learn the basic do's and don'ts of working out, I can show you my exercise routines, I can teach you how to cook healthy alternatives (and even improvising with what's currently in your pantry), I can help you figure out some sort of schedule where you can make time to make these adjustments but I always make it clear that I am no professional, neither are many other people on the internet. I can only help you as far as my knowledge lets me and your efforts take you. I will not make myself to be someone who can transform you.

I don't know your body as well as you do. Nobody does.

Too often I see people desperate for results or change that they trust others with their health. 

My biggest advice is listen to your body. Your body lets you know when it's hurting. It lets you know when it doesn't welcome a certain food or movement. Your body cares for and loves you. It loves you so much it eventually starts adjusting itself for you and you can note these changes. Love your body in return! Listen to what it's telling you and act on it. 

Your body is already perfect as it is because it was made to suit YOU. Your body understands you, it knows what is good and what is bad for you. No other body would be able to cater to you like your own. Understanding this makes you recognize that you really shouldn't want someone else's body. 

Never would middle school or high school me imagine me say this but... I love my body! I've come to learn that it is like no other. It is constantly adjusting itself for me. My body will never be like that "perfect" woman's body on Instagram but mine is just as worthy of love, confidence and care. After years of self criticism and comparison, I have come to realize that all along I already had the perfect body because it is mine.

You see, you already have your ideal body because it is yours! You just have to discover it.