What having Kidney Stones did to me.

Those of you who read my #FeelGood14 blog post know that one of my Feel Good goals for 2014 is to transform my personal Instagram page into an inspirational fitness transformation of myself by "nurturing my body". This goal was inspired by my diagnose of having kidney stones in late November. Yes, I am only 20 years old and I can already say that I have had kidney stones. Words cannot explain how excruciating the pain was when the stone was making its way from my kidney to my bladder. I literally feel like I can endure any other pain I come by and I am near to invincible now. 

This kidney stone could not have had worst timing. I was studying for finals, taking finals, finishing up my Fall semester in college, getting ready to enjoy Winter Break, trying to get over an ex, just got a new job, going to start training for a fight (I box) and was awaiting the arrival of my family from Mexico who I had not seen in 2 years. Lord have mercy. Lets just say, it did not go at all how I had planned. 

Both my parents had kidney stones (God bless my father who had them more than once) but I had never known how severely painful they are when you have them. My mom even said its worse than childbirth, looks like I am ready to pop a baby (NOT). Anyways, I went from feeling like I was in my best shape and health ever to the worst shape I have ever been in a matter of three weeks.

Around 3 in the morning Thanksgiving day, I awake to such an unfamiliar feeling in my abdominal area and the feeling started to progress as the minutes passed. I found myself unable to lay in bed and burst into tears as I start pacing my bedroom. I then decided I must call my mother to take me to the hospital and after that night... everything went downhill.  

I had a consistent dull yet sharp pain that went from my lower back to my abdomen that made me almost immobile in my whole left side of my body and forced me to become the hunchback of Notre Dame. The unbearable pain would come and go but soon enough I became almost slaved to it solely because suffering 3 hours in the ER waiting room no longer seemed like an option so I would just bear it at home, alone. It would last about 2-4 hours each time. I then just relied on prayer. 

First off let me begin by saying that I only went to work for a day and that was it. And I submitted final essays like a good dedicated student that wont let a thing get in the way of their education  (still were probably some of the worst essays I have ever written). I lost my appetite, could no longer hold any food or beverage down, vomiting some days over 8 times a day, couldn't sleep (laying down comfortably was impossible), had a very pale complexion, became weak, did not exercise AT ALL... not even a walk from my room to the kitchen, talking became too much of an effort, cried hopelessly and life was grey. Because they had me on around 7 pills a day: I would last a whole week without going to the bathroom (if ya know what I mean), broke out like crazy, became even weaker, got blurred vision, lost my sense of taste, was always extremely tired and I just shutdown. One day (the most painful one), I looked in the mirror and literally came to terms in my own head that I might die. I lost myself. 

Over eight trips to the hospital, two months, two surgery's, and one stint later... I stand here. Writing to you that although this was by far the most painful, extensive, weakening experiences of my life... it was also one of the most awakening, inspiring, life changing experiences. It guided me to faith, strengthened my love, and made me grateful for my health in all aspects.

I lost 10 pounds of hard earned muscle, am starting from square one in the gym, and have slowly regained my appetite. But I am beyond motivated (even more now that I am making it public) to come back even stronger! I am excited to share this journey through my personal Instagram page, as I will also post healthy recipes I both create and discover as well as people I meet along the way!


Also* please feel free to ask me any questions about kidney stones, my experience, or my goal... as there is much more to the story!