Shower thought (1)

There I was, in the shower. Just thinking to myself as I do always when this (seemingly) heavenly water pulsates over my body. For some reason I always come up with the most brilliant ideas in the shower. As if the steam were some magical potion that somehow makes me an intelligent, Albert Einstein-like human being. Anyways, so there I was the other morning and I said to myself I just want to feel good. You know it’s that time of year where you feel so accustomed to be thinking of New Years resolutions and how you’re going to make THIS year THE year… for whatever it is you want THE to be. Even if you’re not even that kind of person to be writing down what it is that you are going to change or going to aim for everyone around you has been doing it every January that resolutions still creep into your mind. As it creeped into mine, (note that I naturally converse and have arguments in my own head with myself or my ‘subconscious’ as some say), I realized just that, feeling good. Feeling good with whatever it is that I do, that I say, that I think! And DING, there sparked that light bulb on top of my head… Feel Good Fourteen. How catchy is that though? Anyways… I really digged into this thought, this philosophical simplistic phrase that can really, in my optimistic belief, make my year a Good year. (Note how I made the word Good important by capitalizing the G). And that’s how it should be… all this worry, this doubt, this unbeneficial stress and over analyzation that gets us nowhere but in the trapped mind of assumptions and situations that will most likely never happen. Feeling genuinely good about yourself and your actions at the end of each day… imagine. For a moment, a brief one, I said to myself that that was going to be my ‘resolution’. But with this JRecognize vision of mine, I quickly said to myself that Feel Good Fourteen can be much more than just that, it can be a movement… it can be shared with you, and your roommate, and the next person I meet, and the man that always sits in the same seat at the library. You get the point, I hope. Feel Good Fourteen will override the title New Years Resolutions… besides that title is so last year (I write with slight laughter). Thank you steamy showers… I am off to write my next blog on what my Feel Good Fourteen will be. What is yours? #FeelGood14